Selling my Sigma 18-35 1.8f

I’ve decided to sell my Sigma 18-35 1.8f lens.  It’s a hard decision to make.  It’s such a great lens, but I think it’s just wasted on me.  I find myself running around shooing 1.8 in broad daylight for no reason.  I’m going to transition the value of the lens into a super zoom and… read more

Stylus UX

Here is how a touchscreen stylus should work.

iPhone Shortcuts

Use iOS keyboard shortcuts to make your life easier. Hint: And not for just typing “On my way!”

Reeder app icon Reeder

I use Reeder to read my RSS feeds on my phone. It’s my Google Reader experience mirrors into a native app.

Cornhole Boards

I needed a project that didn’t involve computers.  So, inspired by Chris, I made my own set of cornhole boards.  I got some plans online, and went at it.  My only advice, which I didn’t heed from Chris the first time, is to cut the legs after assembling the boards.  My first set of legs… read more

What RSS Can Do For You

There is a lot of Internet out there to keep track of.  You shouldn’t have to do it on your own.  At the moment, I keep track of 154 different websites.  But I certainly don’t go to every one of those every day. RSS stands for “really simply syndication”.  It is a way for a… read more